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Denton Roofing understands that natural stone roofing provides much of the special character of the Cotswold.

We use only traditional, quarried stone that's hand-finished by us. Stone that's strong, perfected shaped to fit, long-lasting and the ideal colour match for the project.

Cotswold stone is our business. The type, colour, texture, size and thickness.

We handle it every day and we know what's right.

We source our own Cotswold Forest Marble and Stonesfield Slate that's hand-finished to be strong, durable and with sufficient coloured varieties to offer colour matching for existing stone - essential for extensions and repairs.

Our locally quarried, natural traditional Cotswold stone roofing tiles - not imitations - will age gracefully over the years and are hand-picked to last generations.

Our skill in sourcing and hand-dressing each tile to its desired shape, perfect for some houses that have changed their roofing shape over the years.

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