Denton Roofing


Denton Roofing have been specialising in Cotswold stone roofing for over 15 years.

We hand dress, craft and fit every tile in the traditional way so that every Denton roof is guaranteed and built to last.

For a complete re-roofing or just a Cotswold Stone roof repair, call us for a free, no obligation quote.

Cotswold Stone

Unique to the area, Cotswold stone is a high quality, long-lasting stone that can maintain its colour and durability for decades.

Such is the quality of Cotswold stone along with our craftsmanship, our roofs look as new today as they did when we worked on them nearly 15 years ago.


Photo examples of our Cotswold Stone roof work and repair incl. new roofs, dormer windows and gable repair.

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